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Product Information
Marine Grease
No. 2 Marine Grease is manufactured specifically to meet the demanding needs of the marine industry. This multipurpose, heavy duty grease provides the solution to a variety of applications in a single grease. An NLGI No. 2 grade grease, No. 2 Marine Grease reduces lubricant consumption by as much as 50%, allowing for longer lubrication intervals. It has an operating temperature range of 10F to 500F (-12C to 260C), is non-melting under high temperatures, and is water-resistant even against salt water. It also provides excellent protection against salt fog in coastal areas. No. 2 Marine Grease has exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying properties, as well as excellent thermal stability. No. 2 Marine Grease forms a lubricating surface film that protects equipment from friction, heat, and failure. It also protects against corrosion and other adverse conditions common to the marine equipment it lubricates.