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Product Information
Copper Seal Supreme
217 Copper Seal Supreme is a lead-free, zinc-free, copper-based premium thread compound manufactured for use in applications where environmental regulations are a concern. It handles a wide range of temperatures and conditions and is wash-out resistant. 217 Copper Seal Supreme offers oxidation and H2S inhibitors as well as an extreme pressure package. Recommended for use on all rotary shouldered connections, 217 Copper Seal Supreme is used in all drilling and anti-seize applications in the petroleum industry including refineries, petrochemical plants, and the water well industry. In addition to protection against galling and seizing 217 Copper Seal Supreme protects against damage to threads on drill collars and tool joints, even under the most demanding conditions, including the deepest, hottest wells. The need for wire brushing of threads to remove buildup often experienced with compounds which contain lead or zinc is eliminated with the use of 217 Copper Seal Supreme.