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Product Information
318AG Metal Free OCR Modified is a superior arctic grade thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe. It provides excellent service characteristics in the areas of lubricity, sealing properties, makeup/break-out torque, and long-term corrosion protection during periods of storage. 318AG OCR Modified contains no metals which may create a corrosive atmosphere thereby eliminating galvanic corrosion while making 318AG OCR Modified the ideal product for today’s stringent environmental concerns. 318AG OCR Modified is recommended for application to threads being hydrostatically tested. 318AG OCR Modified is manufactured using components that meet or exceed the listed performance objectives in API Bulletin 5A3. 318AG OCR Modified meets the objective for eliminating hazardous materials in the workplace as presented in OSHA Communication CFR 1910.1200. 318AG OCR Modified contains corrosion and H2S inhibitors to eliminate thread corrosion, pitting and to provide extended protection to tubular threads. In use for many years now, 318AG OCR Modified has provided excellent results for pipe storage, downhole service, and hydrostatic testing. This triple servicing ability assures you of a safe, effective, and economical way to meet all your thread compound needs. 318AG OCR Modified is not recommended for rotary shouldered connections.