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Product Information
348 Multi-Gard is a premium, non-hazardous, metal-free thread compound for use on drill collars, drill pipe, tubing, and casing. A multi-functional compound, 348 Multi-Gard works as an anti-seize compound on shouldered connections, a running and sealing compound on threaded connections, and as a storage compound for all types of threaded connections. The extreme pressure and anti-wear additives of 348 Multi-Gard resist the pressures of galling, seizing, and downhole makeup. This aluminum complex based compound is water resistant and will stick to wet joints for protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation on both shouldered and interference threads. 348 Multi-Gard also contains additives for protection against the corrosive effects of H2S making it suitable for use in any drilling environment. 348 Multi-Gard exceeds API specifications for thread compounds.