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Product Information
Lubon 404LT Low Temperature Lubricant and Sealant is an arctic grade premium lubricant and sealant for pipe threads 2” or smaller. It is used as a dressing for gaskets, O-rings, and packings. Lubon 404LT resists the corrosive effects of downhole conditions and has excellent thermal stability. It is used when hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is present. Lubon 404LT is made with LIQUILON®*, which is inert and unaffected by acids, oils, caustics, aviation gasoline and common solvents. It is used in applications with temperatures to -65°F (-53°C), and displays one of the lowest coefficients of friction and anti-stick properties of any known material. Lubon 404LT gives long lasting protection to coated parts, which keeps equipment in top operating condition. Lubon 404LT is recommended for the lubrication requirements of equipment that must be operated over extended periods of time or where shutdowns are prohibitive. Equipment wear will be reduced and loss of lubrication will be stopped by the unique sealing characteristics of Lubon 404LT. It possesses a unique plating and coating ability that provides a residual lubrication film that eliminates metal-to-metal contact and prevents rust and corrosion.