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Product Information
MD50 is a moisture displacer that goes to work instantly to lubricate, penetrate, and protect equipment by displacing moisture and providing a waterproof film for additional protection. This film does not harden and is harmless to most rubber, plastics, and painted surfaces. MD50 is a must where moisture and humidity are problems. MD50 loosens dirt and grime on wet or dry surfaces for easy removal. MD50 provides a long-lasting protective film that lubricates and protects all metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. Moisture is driven from the surface. MD50 protects metal surfaces exposed to fresh or salt water from rust and corrosion. MD50 penetrates to free frozen parts and acts as a lubricant for anti-friction action. MD50, used in conjunction with PM420 ELECTRO-SOLVE, will increase the life of electrical equipment by keeping the equipment clean, lubricated, and protected from moisture. MD50 is highly recommended for all phases of industry. MD50 has a breakdown voltage of 30,000 volts.