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Product Information
PM144R Torsion Fluid is formulated as a multipurpose lubricant for industrial tractors and farm equipment applications requiring a single oil to meet its power train requirements. PM144R Torsion Fluid is a premium quality fluid with unique performance characteristics making it acceptable for use in today’s high tech on and off-highway equipment. It contains oxidation additives to resist degradation, anti-foam and low pour point for prompt lubrication needs at low temperatures. PM144R Torsion Fluid contains extreme pressure additive for increased load carrying capacity and wear production under heavy loads. It also possesses anti-rust protection to parts most susceptible to corrosion. PM144R Torsion Fluid provides a low coefficient of friction for hydraulic power shift transmissions, power take off systems and systems with wet brakes. It resists thinning at high temperatures and prevents dry starts with excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. Because of its versatility PM144R Torsion Fluid is the type fluid often referred to as universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO) in North America and super tractor oil universal (STOU) in Europe.