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Product Information
PM420NC Electro-Solve, a dielectric safety solvent with a controlled evaporation rate, eliminates condensation caused by some solvents. Leaving a dry, film-free surface, PM420NC Electro-Solve removes dust, oil, grease, wax, and other oil-based soils on contact. PM420NC Electro-Solve has a dielectric strength of 30,400 saving costly disassembly and downtime for cleaning. PM420NC Electro-Solve’s special properties allow the user to apply PM420NC Electro-Solve while electrical equipment is operating. PM420NC Electro-Solve helps to loosen stubborn soils and wash them away. A preventive maintenance program using PM420NC Electro-Solve and MD50 will increase equipment life and reduce fire hazards by eliminating the buildup of dust, grease, and oil that can be ignited by sparks or arcs in electrical equipment. PM420NC Electro-Solve causes no corrosion or etching and can be used on metal and painted surfaces. It may affect certain plastics.