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BLUE SEAL Environmentally Acceptable Thread Sealant
142ES Blue Seal is a premium petroleum hydrocarbon-free thread compound used for sealing tubing, casing, and line pipe. This thread sealant prevents galling, seizing, and thread damage during high torque makeup of tubular connections. 142ES Blue Seal is a non-metallic thread compound which eliminates environmental contamination associated with standard tubular compounds. This non-contaminating thread compound was developed for use on tubulars where environmental concerns are paramount. As a non-toxic thread compound 142ES Blue Seal provides maximum protection to the tubular string as well as the environment. 142ES Blue Seal, in addition to providing environmental protection, will also provide maximum protection at the wellsite without affecting the integrity of the well. 142ES Blue Seal is manufactured to the specifications of and conforms to API requirements. It has a friction factor of 1.00 as per API.