1014 PROTEKTO-COAT® Haps Free, Clear, External Pipe Coating

Protekto-Coat ® 1014 is a HAPs-free, clear, environmentally friendly pipe coating formulated to provide rust protection to external tubular surfaces. This fast-drying coating is HAPS-free, provides low VOC emissions, and exhibits good adhesion to steel surfaces. External tubular surfaces coated with Protekto-Coat® 1014 are protected against corrosion and flash rusting thus minimizing metal loss. Protekto-Coat® 1014 provides good impact resistance and good surface penetration. The clear film of Protekto-Coat® 1014 resists cracking, peeling, or scaling off. Protekto-Coat® 1014 is manufactured using biodegradable materials. Protekto-Coat® 1014 can be used for tubing, casing, line pipe, drill pipe, pipe racks, steel tanks, structural steel, and drilling rigs.

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