101S/TN1/2 Film Forming Lubricant

Liquid-O-Ring 101S/TN½ is a premium quality highly concentrated lubricant that resists the corrosive effects of downhole chemicals. Liquid- O-Ring 101S/TN½ is made with LIQUILON, which enhances the lubricity and extreme pressure properties of this lubricant. LIQUILON is unaffected by acids, caustics, downhole chemicals, and hydrocarbons including gasoline and solvents. Liquid-O-Ring 101S/TN½ seals out corrosive gasses such as H2O and CO2. Liquid-O-Ring 101S/TN½ is inert and thermally stable. The film forming properties of Liquid- O-Ring 101S/TN½ eliminates wear and guards against rust and corrosion It also prevents metal-to-metal contact thereby significantly reducing operating temperature. Liquid-O-Ring 101S/TN½ provides instant lubrication to the equipment critical areas during start up.

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