104EU Thread Sealant

104EU Thread Sealant has been used by the petroleum industry for many years on oilfield tubing, casing, and line pipe. It has been used with great success on Eight Round and Buttress threads, as well as thread sealing and preventing galling with premium metal-to-metal seal connections. It is especially effective as a sealant on used pipe where the threads are worn. 104EU Thread Sealant may also be used on fiberglass pipe and corrosion resistant alloys, as well as stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic pipe. Sealing the helical leak path is another unique feature of 104EU Thread Sealant. Leaks often occur when thread crests wear, leaving a spiraling path between crest and the root of the threads. 104EU Thread Sealant will actually pack-off this troublesome area in a manner similar to packing in a stuffing box.

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