105EU Thread Sealant

105EU Thread Sealant is used extensively in the petroleum industry on all tubing, casing, and line pipe. It is designed for application on coarse, badly corroded and special threads where seal rings are required. 105EU Thread Sealant is applicable to all types and sizes of threads. It facilitates smoother connection makeup and break-out on pipe threads including fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, iron and special alloy. Other industries such as refineries, factories, shipyards, power plants, food processing plants, and building contractors have found unlimited applications for 105EU Thread Sealant. Another unique feature of 105EU Thread Sealant regards sealing the helical leak path. Leaks often occur when thread crests wear, leaving a spiraling path between crest and the root of the threads. It will actually pack-off this troublesome area in a manner similar to packing in a stuffing box.

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