1091 Mean & Green Heavy-Duty Cleaner

1091 Mean & Green is a superior, water-based, heavy-duty liquid cleaner. Designed for a multitude of tough industrial cleaning jobs, this biodegradable cleaner attacks greasy, grimy surfaces allowing the dirt to be easily washed away without streaks and discolorations. 1091 Mean & Green is formulated to remove build up of grease, oils, muds, waxy paraffin residues, and other hydrocarbon base deposits without damaging the environment or ozone. It is recommended for the cleaning of grease injector equipment including grease control heads, cable lubricators, and injection pumps. Applications for 1091 Mean & Green are found in many areas including general industry, machine shops, marine industry, automotive shops, aviation industry, petroleum industry, printing industry, and municipalities. A safe, economical, all-purpose cleaner, 1091 Mean & Green contains no toxic solvents, free alkalies, acids, or abrasives. Unlike many similar products, it does not contain butyl cellosolve.

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