127 Pipe Storage Compound for Oilfield Tubular Goods with Enhanced Corrosion Inhibitors

127 Pipe Storage Compound is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection to pipe threads during periods of extended storage. Unlike API Modified Compounds which contain 65% solids and could promote corrosion on threads, 127 Pipe Storage Compound does not contain metals to create a corrosive atmosphere. It is designed to control formation of rust and pitting on thread surfaces, problems which may be attributed to moisture intrusion. It also contains inhibitors to minimize the corrosive effects of downhole treating chemicals, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, or other contaminants. This orange colored compound forms a protective film on metal surfaces, which inhibits oxidation and retards rust formation. The water resistant properties of 127 Pipe Storage Compound help prevent water and moisture intrusion, greatly reducing the risk of rust formation under the thread protector.

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