1520 Vector® Premium Horizontal Drilling Compound

1520 Vector® Premium Horizontal Drilling Compound is formulated for use in extreme drilling conditions. It is copper-based and contains extreme wear ingredients to provide unmatched protection against galling and seizing under the most demanding conditions. The lead-free formulation will prevent compound build-up in the thread roots while allowing it to be used in virtuously all HDD operations. 1520 can be applied by brushing on threads or in most automated lubrication systems.  1520 provides consistent make-up and break-out to all types of rotary-shouldered connections. It can be used for breaking in new drill pipe connections, as well as an anti-seize compound for other threaded connections. 1520 is not classified as a marine pollutant. It contains a corrosion protection package to protect threads damage due to rust and corrosion. The friction factor of 1.0 provides consistent make-up and breakout to all connections.

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