1540 Vector® Copper Compound Horizontal Drilling Compound

1540 Vector® Copper Compound is a cost-effective copper-based tool joint and rod lubricant for light to medium drilling applications. 1540 contains copper and zinc, as well as EP additives to prevent galling and thread damage. The lead-free formulation of Vector® 1540 prevents compound buildup in the thread roots, a common problem with some other compounds. Vector® 1540 can be properly applied by hand brushing or by automatic application systems. 1540 will not continue to make up during drilling operations as will some slicker compounds. The premium grease base provides protection to the threads under the high stresses of HDD equipment and is wash-out resistant to prevent wash-out during operations. Vector® 1540 Copper Compound is nonflammable and can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°F.

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