1610 Valve Guardian Premium

1610 Valve Guardian Premium is one of three Valve Guardian products. This exceptional product is primarily for use as valve body fill grease for gate valves and frac valves. 1610 is highly water resistant, and is made with micro-grade molybdenum disulfide powder to provide lubrication to the valve components. The 12 hydroxy lithium base thickener provides a drop point of 375°F from the highly resistant grease base. It is commonly used as a body fill or to lubricate valves in service where petroleum base lubricants are recommended. Additional applications for 1610 Valve Guardian Premium include frac valves, pipeline valves, gate valves, ball valves, and plug valves. Valve Guardian Premium 1610 is an economical, high performing product manufactured to the highest standards. Its tacky consistency and premium corrosion inhibitor package will protect valves from extreme conditions during storage, transport, or operation. As a valve lubricant 1610 Valve Guardian Premium surpasses the performance characteristics of conventional moly greases and graphite greases.

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