1850 Moly Paste

Valve Guardian 1850 Moly Paste is a premium lubricating compound that contains over 60% moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) which services temperatures up to 600°F. It is especially effective as an anti-seize compound for studs and bolts, flanges, pipe fittings, riser bolts, and for pressing applications. 1850 Moly Paste can be used over a high temperature range and is an excellent lubricant for use in a salt water environment. The high Molybdenum Disulfide content provides excellent lubrication in extreme pressure applications, and its low coefficient of friction provides consistent make-up of threaded connections, particularly corrosion resistant alloys. The superior grease base of 1850 Moly Paste far exceeds the performance of conventional soap base or clay base greases, especially in terms of corrosion resistance. 1850 Moly Paste can also be used on slow moving open gears, as well as a thread compound for premium tubing and casing threads. Even if the carrier grease is squeezed out, the Moly Paste will continue to lubricate and protect moving surfaces.

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