2113 Wireline Glycerol I

2113 Wireline Glycol I is formulated for use in wireline applications to prevent freezing of condensates and liquids in the lubricator and the well bore. 2113 is chemically known as ethylene glycol, and it works as a gas hydrate inhibitor and heat stabilizer. Glycol is commonly used as a test fluid to eliminate freeze up when the lubricator is being pressured up. The freezing point of 2113 varies depending on the dilution with fresh water. The most common dilution is a 50/50 mix which will produce a freezing point of -30°F. At a dilution of 70%, 2113 will provide a freezing point of -60°F (-51°C).

2113 Wireline Glycol I is colored a distinctive green to differentiate it from water or from other grades of glycol. 2113 is also available in a 50/50 mix designated as 2213 for ease of application.

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