245 Copper Tool Joint Compound

245 Copper Tool Joint Compound is a lead free, zinc free, quality lubricating compound that handles high temperatures and provides anti-seize performance required for breaking in new tool joints and lubricating drill collars. It is used in all drilling and anti-seize applications in the petroleum industry including refineries, petrochemical plants, and the water well industry. 245 Copper Tool Joint Compound is recommended for use on rotary shouldered connections and provides protection against galling and seizing or damage to threads on drill collars and tool joints, even under the most demanding conditions, including the deepest, hottest wells. It eliminates the need for wire brushing of threads to remove buildup often experienced with compounds that contain lead or zinc.

245 Copper Tool Joint Compound assures constant makeup torque, is effective when used on downhole production tools or pumping equipment, and is recommended for use in areas
of high temperatures.

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