260 Premium Swivel Joint Lube

260 Premium Swivel Joint Lube was specifically designed to meet the lubrication requirements of swivel joint bearings. This premium lubricant is water resistant and provides excellent EP properties. It contains moly disulfide to reduce friction and wear when the swivel joint articulates at working pressure due to strong vibrations. The lubrication provided by 260 Premium Swivel Joint Lube will prevent wear induced at the contact surface of the ball race improving the overall performance of the joint. 260 is specifically designed for use in Chicksan Swivel Joints where lubrication is required. It can be used in both high and low pressure swivel joints including long sweep joints. The superior corrosion protection properties of 260 protects against the effects of salt water, sour gas, or other corrosive elements. It effectively services temperatures from -40°F to temperatures as high as 500°F. It is also very effective as a multipurpose lubricant for various types of equipment requiring premium lubrication.

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