270/4I Honey Seal

270/4I Honey Seal is a 24 viscosity pressure control grease developed for wireline operations. 270/4I Honey Seal contains 4 times as much corrosion inhibitor as regular 270 for extra protection to braided lines exposed to downhole chemicals, brines, acid, and hydrogen sulfide. 270/4I Honey Seal was developed with today’s wireline market in mind and is manufactured in the tradition of Liquid-O-Ring wireline grease seal to meet the most demanding standards. Liquid-O-Ring Wireline Grease Seal is the standard of the wireline industry and 270/4I Honey Seal follows in the tradition of quality performance under demanding conditions. 270/4I Honey Seal will perform up to standards for most wireline pressure operations. If you are looking for the best you can depend on Liquid-O-Ring

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