326 OCR Modified Petroleum-Based, Metal-Free and TFE-Free Api Alternative for Tubing and Casing

326 OCR Modified Thread Compound is a petroleum-based, metal-free compound designed to provide maximum protection for tubing, casing, and line pipe. It is non-contaminating, non-hazardous, contains no metals, and eliminates galvanic and environmental corrosion. 326 OCR Modified provides sealing at standard make up and break out torque. 326 OCR Modified also provides excellent lubricity to premium connections that are designed for metal-to-metal sealing. 326 OCR Modified meets performance specifications for thread compounds. This product also meets the objectives for eliminating hazardous materials as presented in OSHA Communication 29 CFR 1910.1200 and is therefore an excellent environmentally safe and non-hazardous thread compound.

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