338 Metal-Free OCR Modified

338 Metal-Free OCR Modified is an economical thread compound for use on API connections on casing, tubing, and line pipe. This nonmetallic thread compound is manufactured using components that meet or exceed API specifications. The components used in the manufacture of 338 Metal-Free OCR Modified offer a product that is inert to chemical attack. 338 Metal-Free OCR Modified is a proprietary blend of non-metallic additives in a premium petroleum based grease. It is an environmental alternative to API compounds, or other commonly used compounds which contain metals such as zinc or copper. 338 Metal-Free OCR Modified contains a state of the art corrosion inhibitor package to provide protection against many downhole chemicals and harsh contaminants. It protects against galling and thread damage while effectively sealing at temperatures up to 300°F (148°C).

338 Metal-Free OCR Modified is actually three compounds in one—an intermediate range storage compound, a running compound, and a compound for hydrostatic testing of casing and tubing.

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