368 Zero OCTG Metal-Free Thread Compound

368 Zero is a metal-free thread compound
formulated especially for use on all OCTG
connections. It can be used on API 8-round
and Buttress connections as well as premium
connections. 368 Zero is a proprietary blend of
non-metallic ingredients blended in a high quality,
corrosion inhibited petroleum based grease. It has
been tested according to API Thread Compound
Control and Performance tests as outlined in API
5A3/ISO 13678, Page 3, section 4.2.1. 368 Zero is
an economical alternative to metallic compounds
that contain lead, zinc, or copper, which are
considered hazardous according to DOT, IMDG,
IATA, and OSHA classifications.

368 Zero is a complete compound which can be
used as an intermediate range storage compound, a
running compound, and a compound for hydrostatic
testing of casing and tubing.

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