528 Hyposeal effectively reduces or completely seals leaks in tubing, casing, surface units, wellhead flanges, production lines, and pressure control equipment used in the oilfield, petrochemical, and general industries. A seal can be affected even in instances where the exact location of the leak can not be determined. The ID of the line is not reduced by the use of this product. 528 Hyposeal is made with LIQUILON, which produces a seal that controls leakage in operating systems. LIQUILON is inert and unaffected by acids, oils, caustics, alkalies, common solvents, or extreme well conditions. 528 Hyposeal seals by differential pressure, never becoming brittle but providing a flexible, permanent seal, which does not restrict the production flow. In addition, it seals under high or low pressure and remains effective at high well temperatures. Because of its effective sealing capabilities, Hyposeal 528 eliminates downtime and shutdown of equipment.

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