539 Blue Power Cleaner

539 BLUE POWER CLEANER was specially
formulated for use in cleaning applications where
a high pH cleaner could not be used. The slightly
lower pH allows users to clean various surfaces
without the harmful effects of a high caustic
degreaser. Designed for Industrial applications
539 BLUE POWER CLEANER removes oil,
grease, or dirt effectively with no damage to
painted surfaces. It can also be used to clean
ferrous or non-ferrous metals, wood, plastics or
rubber which makes it an excellent cleaner for
industrial or oilfield equipment.

The safe composition of 539 provides excellent
cleaning performance without an extreme pH
formulation. Unlike many cleaners it does not
contain any abrasives that can permanently mark
the surface after cleaning. It will mix with hot or
cold water, and can be diluted for light cleaning

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