619 Liquid-O-Ring® Grease Sealant with Graphite and Liquilon®

619 Grease Sealant is manufactured with synthetic resins, graphite, and LIQUILON to provide maximum resistance to hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon fluids. 619 Grease Sealant is specially made for sealing plug, ball and gate valves operating under high pressure and high temperatures. 619 Grease Sealant services temperatures up to >450°F (>232°C). It provides excellent sealing capabilities to plug, ball and gate valves. 619 Grease Sealant is waterproof and corrosion resistant.

The outstanding adhesive qualities of 619 Grease Sealant allow it to adhere to all metal surfaces. 619 Grease Sealant is resistant to water, acid, and alkali solutions, light and heavy hydrocarbons, methanol, crude oil, carbon dioxide, and drilling muds.

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