636G Self-Mold Stick Packing

636G Self-Mold®* Stick Packing is a clean, odorless, pliable packing used to seal stuffing boxes. Made with LIQUILON®*, 636G Self-Mold®* continues to seal and lubricate long after conventional packing has failed. It repairs scored and pitted shafts and reduces wear. Regardless of the size of the stuffing box, 636G Self-Mold®*forms itself to the configuration of the box and shaft and compensates for wear by remolding itself. 636G Self-Mold®* is highly recommended for locations where equipment shut down causes critical conditions. 636G Self-Mold®* can be used as a supplement to worn conventional packing or intervals with conventional packing. 636G Self-Mold®* serves temperatures to >400°F (>204°C) and pressures to 10,000 psi. 636G Self-Mold®* 636 is unaffected by acids, oils, caustics, or common solvents.

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