710 Biodegradable Internal Pipe Coating

Protekto-Coat® 710 is a biodegradable internal drill pipe coating specially formulated to protect the internal surface of drill pipe from the harmful effects of corrosion during storage. It is manufactured from a petroleum hydrocarbon-free base and may only contain trace amounts of hydrocarbon. This environmentally-acceptable internal drill pipe coating does not contain offensive fish oil odors common to some conventional coatings. Protekto-Coat® 710 eliminates environmental contamination associated with conventional internal tubular coatings. This non-contaminating drill pipe coating is formulated with rust inhibitors designed to provide maximum protection against the effects of corrosion. Protekto-Coat® 710 is for use on drill pipe, drill collars or other drill stem elements. It can also be used as an ID coating on marine risers. It is not for use on tubing and casing.

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