740 Rustless Rust Preventive

740 Rustless Rust Preventive is a solvent-based, water displacing, rust preventive for use on newly fabricated metal parts, anti-friction bearings, internal surfaces of gear boxes, hydraulic equipment, and unpainted exposed surfaces during shipment. 740 Rustless is especially recommended for use on parts in process. It is desirable to protect machined finishes from the various sources of corrosion. These include workers’ fingerprints, corrosive atmosphere, and moisture. 740 Rustless provides this protection. 740 Rustless metal-wetting properties are the basis of its excellent performance as a penetrating fluid. These properties displace the water from the surface and allow it to drain off. 740 Rustless may be used in a dip tank to protect parts from rusting by imparting a protective coating.

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