765 “Grease Seal” Specialized Wireline Lubricant and Sealant for Specific Temperatures

765 “Grease Seal” is a series of specialized wireline lubricants and sealants. These products are manufactured polymer sealants that maintains a 16-20 viscosity at the recommended temperature range. 765 “Grease Seal” provides the necessary corrosion inhibitors to effect long range protection to the wireline. 765 “Grease Seal” is inhibited against the corrosive effects of acids, caustics, salt water, and H2S. If the operator knows the approximate temperatures in which his unit will be operating, a specific 765 “Grease Seal” may be ordered which will sustain its viscosity at the operational temperatures. The 765 “Grease Seal” series of products allow the operator to be more selective in choosing a product to meet his operating conditions.

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