850 Way Lubricant

850 Way Lubricant is an excellent product used for lubricating the ways of all types of machine tools and other industrial equipment. 850 Way Lubricant is a tacky, non-corrosive lubricant having extreme pressure properties that extend fluid life. The tackiness additives of 850 Way Lubricant prevent the oil from being forced out of small clearances by heavily loaded machines or running off of both vertical and horizontal ways. 850 Way Lubricant is manufactured with exceptional wetting agents and lubricant additives that help reduce friction and drag caused by stick slip problems and machine tool carriage chatter. The rust and corrosion inhibitors of 850 Way Lubricant protect machine parts and provide good thermal stability. 850 Way Lubricant quickly separates from coolants allowing easy removal by skimming, preventing bacteria growth in the coolant. 850 Way Lubricant is available in 32, 68, and 220 viscosities.

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