858 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

858 Semi-Synthetic Coolant is a heavy-duty,
water soluble coolant that can be used in many
difficult metal cutting operations. It can be used
to replace standard water soluble fluids where
superior performance is required. It contains
EP additives as well as a bactericide, and it
will provide extended tool life under demanding
conditions. 858 Semi-Synthetic Coolant mixes
easily with hard or soft water to provide a stable
emulsion that provides excellent performance.
858 dilution ranges from 18:1 to 5:1 depending on
the operation. It can be used on a wide range of
metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. It is used
in operations including grinding, turning, milling,
boring, milling, and threading.

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