890N Wonder II Clear Rust Remover

890N WONDER II is a clear, premium surface conditioner for ferrous metals. It provides a protective coating against rust, is used as a paint primer, and to remove rust and corrosion.

PROTECTIVE COATING: When used as a protective coating for metal surfaces, 890N WONDER II stops the corrosion process by changing rust to an inactive state. Rust is turned into a dark protective coating, which resists further corrosion.

PAINT PRIMER: 890N WONDER II provides a superior bonding surface for coatings and paint, which permits better adherence to the metal. It reduces the tendency of chipping and peeling. 890N WONDER II fights against rusting and bleeding from underneath finished surfaces, eliminating the conditions that reduce paint and coating service life.

RUST REMOVER: 890N WONDER II removes rust on tanks, barges, tools, and equipment. Frozen bolts and nuts can be cleaned and then broken out by applying 890N WONDER II to the affected areas. It also removes rust from chrome, iron, and metals.

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