935 Rust Inhibitor

Protekto-Coat 935 is a rust inhibitor for various types of aqueous systems where protection of ferrous metals is required. Protekto-Coat 935, a brown, concentrated liquid, is economical to use. It disperses easily when mixed with water to form a stable colloidal mixture. It is highly recommended for application in hydrostatic testing to stabilize water systems. Protekto-Coat 935 will leave a microscopic film on tubular goods after hydrostatic testing is completed. This residue provides internal rust inhibition to tubular goods after hydrostatic testing is completed. It will also stabilize and inhibit rusting in portable ferrous tanks used as reservoirs in hydrostatic testing. In addition to the rust inhibitive properties, Protekto-Coat 935 also provides control over bacterial and fungal slime growth. This industrial preservative will help control undesirable odors due to bacterial and slime action commonly associated with recirculating water systems.

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