TX Products

TX Products are a unique discovery that has been fully developed and are being commercially introduced as a hydrophilic additive to water. TX Products can change, control or vary the properties of water by simply mixing the two together. The reaction begins immediately and the end product varies from a high lubricity liquid to a stretchable rubbery solid, depending on the amount of TX Products added.

TX Products are chemically classified as organic hydrates. They begin as a powder, and when mixed with water, hydrate completely, providing the desired result. For example, for a high lubricity liquid, simply mix 1 lb. of either of the TX Products with 55 gal. of water. Or, if your need is to solidify the water and obtain a rubbery plastic material, mix 1 part of either of the TX Products with 8–10 parts water. The chemical properties of the TX PRODUCTS provide a tool for jelling, thickening or solidifying fluids according to the requirements or desired results. Hydration of the TX Products is equally effective with fresh or salt water and any desired viscosity can be obtained by adjusting the amount of the TX Product added. TX Products also exhibit significant radiation diffusing properties. Each TX Product provides a barrier or filter for certain forms of radiation and can be used to solidify radioactive wastes. TX Products are further classified as inert materials. Extensive tests have also shown these products to be harmless to the skin and eyes, and non-toxic.

The general physical properties of hydrated TX Products are varied in terms of appearance, texture, consistency, shape and other properties. TX Products can be aerated, foamed, frozen, canned, or cooked without altering its basic properties. Fully hydrated TX Products of a rubbery, plastic-like consistency have a tremendously high impact resistance. Minimum deformation is obtained when subjected to repeated blows from broad surface instruments. TX Products can also be mixed to a flesh-like consistency which is readily adaptable to body support systems resulting in pressure equalization and reduction of shear forces. Another important physical feature of TX Products is their moldability. These products are pliable and can be shaped into any desired form. The high rate of recombination of the atomic structure enables the user to build up large objects using many small amounts of the TX Products. TX Products have a high absorption rate both in powder and hydrated form. The combination of TX Products with other material allows the user to obtain even greater variety with this unique material. The possible forms, shapes, sizes, volumes, densities, etc. are unlimited and are attainable by a simple adjustment of the composition.

TX Products have numerous features that are appealing from an artistic point of view. A wide range of colors are possible including brilliant phosphorescent and fluorescent shades. TX Products generate tremendous enthusiasm among young and old and lends itself to countless hours of captivating fun and creativity. TX Products are educational, therapeutic and intriguing. TX Products have been appropriately described as simply “the most amazing material ever invented”.

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