ZN50 Zinc Base Tool Joint Compound

ZN50 Tool Joint Compound is manufactured with the finest powdered metallic zinc and a high temperature, extreme pressure, petroleum base composition. The zinc used in the manufacture of ZN50 meets API and IADC requirements. ZN50 reduces plating and buildup of zinc, a problem encountered with other zinc products. This product conforms to the recommendation of “Tool Pushers Manual” (IADC-International Association of Drilling Contractors), Section B-2, Pages 1 and 2, and API (American Petroleum Institute) RP 5A3/ISO 13678. ZN50 contains less than 0.3% sulfur as recommended by tool joint manufacturers. ZN50 has good brushability over a wide range of temperatures, is resistant to water washout, has good adhesion to surfaces, and prevents against rust and corrosion.

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