ZN50HT Geothermal Grade Zinc Base Tool Joint Compound

ZN50HT is a geothermal-grade tool joint compound manufactured with the finest powdered metallic zinc and a high-temperature, extreme-pressure, petroleum base composition. The zinc used in the manufacture of ZN50HT meets API and IADC requirements. The formulation of ZN50HT is designed to resist the drying effects of high-temperature applications. ZN50HT reduces plating and buildup of zinc, a problem encountered with other zinc products. This product conforms to the recommendation of “Tool Pushers Manual” (IADC-International Association of Drilling Contractors), Section B-2, Pages 1 and 2, and API (American Petroleum Institute) RP 5A3/ISO 13678. ZN50HT contains less than 0.3% sulfur, as recommended by tool joint manufacturers. ZN50HT has good brushability in high-temperature applications, is resistant to water washout, has good adhesion to surfaces, and prevents against rust and corrosion. The special formulation of ZN50HT assures ease of breakout by protecting tool joints, drill collars, and other rotary-shouldered used in high-temperature drilling applications.

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